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August 27, 2010

Brazil, Eu sou orgulhoso

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This summer has been overwhelming (in a good way, for the most part). I traveled. I formed new friendships. I let go of bad ones. I took time to really look at myself. Not to get sappy, but change really IS beautiful. Even if you haven’t reached your goal, there is beauty in the movement.

I’ve met several AfroBrazilians over the years and they’ve always taught me so much. I must admit, I’ve embarrassed myself with sweeping assumptions about Latin America that they’ve politely corrected. They make me really proud of the work that has been done internationally for civil rights, but also for the transformation of the Black identity in Brazil. I get a sense of ferment there-EXCITEMENT about who they are and what they’re claiming to be. This article really drove that home.  Isn’t it funny how, as Brazil makes overt strides towards racial equality, people are choosing to simply identify as Black rather than the 900 label variations for non-White they’ve created to keep a solid racial hierarchy? It’s like people are realizing “the jig is up”.

Just as descendents of Brazil’s runaway slaves are finding their voice – and telling the census takers about it – so too are Brazil’s officially black and indigenous communities swelling as a growing number of Brazilians label themselves “black” or “indigenous” rather than “mulatto” when the census takers come knocking.

“People are no longer scared of identifying themselves or insecure about saying: ‘I’m black, and black is beautiful,’ ” Brazil’s minister for racial equality, Elio Ferreira de Araujo, told the Guardian.

For the first time in Brazilian history, this year’s census will map out the different indigenous languages spoken in Brazil and register the number of same-sex relationships. It will also ask people their “ethnicity” – a thorny issue in a country that has long regarded itself as a racial melting pot and the rainbow nation of the Americas.

Read more here: Brazil’s Census Offers Recognition at Last to Descendants of Runaway Slaves


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  1. I love your truth Tragic Mulatto….I visit Brazil yearly (to escape the bleak winters in NYC) and I have seen a growing Pro-Black mvment there. Brazil is big on reggae and with that comes the Rastafarian mvment and natural “natty” hair etc and they are starting to see more positive role models regarding Blackness and self affirmation instead of white washing and things of that nature of which have been implemented in their society since the 1800’s…I am a dark skinned AA and if I dont speak my broken brazilian portuguese I def pass for their bredren w/o any second looks…keep writing these blogs, I have watched many of the Mulatto Diaries and I think she is intelligent and is posting from a very sincere and truthful place, but I think there are some deep seeded “dislikes” for lack of a better word for her black counterparts mostly from her childhood (and we know children can be very hurtful) she often emphasizes that she fits in well w predominately white circles and that she will probably marry a white man…as well as her mother’s unhealthy view of herself as a AA woman and perhaps creating and instilling in her daughter the woman that she wish she was…ie..light if not white, long haired, girl who would not have to have gone through whatever events that she encountered w racism and vicariously living through her daughter…now people are probably labeling me as the “typical black” angry woman but sooo not true….Keep posting !!

    Comment by COLE — December 4, 2010 @ 1:06 am | Reply

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