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June 19, 2010

New Blog! “Mixed White Advocate”

A new commenter recently informed me that my blog has been discovered by multiracial enthusiasts. I have no problem with that. This blog isn’t meant to be antagonistic. I actually stopped over to the site and saw a lovely thread dedicated to yours truly (erroneously labeling me a mixed identity hater-but I expected the mislabeling and I KNOW it’s intentional). Right under that post was the link to a new (I’m talking BRAND SPANKING, probably inspired by our work here NEW) blog called “Mixed White Advocate”.

Contrary to what may seem logical, I’m actually very excited about this new blog. I don’t post here often, I don’t have the time or desire to make this an everyday thing. But when I am moved to post, it’s not that easy to find information I’m willing to expound on. But with the existence of Mixed White Advocate, I will have access to all the tragedy I need at one web address. It’s a one-stop-tragic-mulatto-stop! How can I be mad at that?

The mixed logic is actually articulated very early on the site. The author opposes the “tar brushing” of mixed people labeled “falsely as racially or ethnically Black”. Yet begs for an unconditional White racial/ethnic identity. You don’t need to be a genius to see the “fuzzy math” here.

I mean, “tar brushing”…seriously??? I can make another post (hell, I can write a BOOK) on the psychology behind  the adoption of this term but I’ll just inform you all of the origins:

Touch of the tar brush
(British) derogatory descriptive phrase for a person of predominantly Caucasian ancestry with real or suspected African or Asian distant ancestry)

Basically, the author pleads for society to let them be White in peace! Don’t remind them of the po’ nigga blood that haunts them. It’s bad enough they shudder into a nervous stuper every time they hear the prefix “Afro” in public!

As I said, I believe one could be “mixed White”, and those who are really don’t need anyones permission to be. I’ve stated that much, and I believe it’s a really bad idea to encourage those who identify as such to do otherwise.  HOWEVER, why be so upset over people who qualify your Whiteness the way that the Whiteness of every non-WASP is qualified? How can one identity be more or less false than the other? The author attempts (emphasis on *attempts*) to make sense out of nonsense in the June 18th post. There are a lot of ideological, terminological and historical flaws throughout the author’s assessment. But make no mistake-this is done intentionally. In order to create a movement you have to have something to move towards (or against). Unfortunately, the tragedy for this movement is that nearly every point under which the author attempts to build ground is shaky or downright false:

For example, Anatole Broyard, Walter White, Danzy Senna, Nicole Richie, all have White appearances and are presented to audiences as “Black” (most of the time). This belief is institutionalized in movies such as “Imitation of Life” and “The Human Stain”, and books such as “Caucasia”, “The Color of Water”, “Half and Half”, and “Their Eyes Were Watching God”.

The author listed people whose lives literally span a century in American history. Two born before the civil rights movement, one the daughter of civil rights activist (and a self-identified biracial), and the last-Nicole Richie- the living embodiment of a person with Black ancestry who is generally racialized as White. Nicole whitens her appearance (see my previous post for pics of her younger days), and it has apparently served her well in reinforcing a White identity. She has been arrested several times and her race is never listed consistently. Sometimes she’s White and sometimes She’s Black.

The bottom line is, only ONE of the aforementioned have been consistently and unequivocally labeled Black. And the one (White) built a professional LUCRATIVE career on his chosen identity. The author omits the plethora of multiracial figures rarely (if ever) labeled or racialized as Black-some of them are basically White: Vin Deisel, Jessica Szohr, Adriana Lima, Jennifer Beils, Wenworth Miller, Slash-all of these people are still alive By the way, LOL!!!

And many of the multiracial figures who are racialized as Black are often “professionally Black” and privately White or non-Black. This means that they understand the racial system and have CHOSEN to work it for their benefit. Who is to blame for that? While I do think Anatole was a coward, I respect the man for not half-stepping about his intentions.

The author gives a list of movies and books, most of which are located historically in pre-civil rights America, before post-modern identities were norm. If I want to build an argument about contemporary domestic abuse in African American homes, I’m not going to direct ya’ll to The Color Purple as evidence, LMAO. What’s going on RIGHT NOW that you can point to?

The author later asked if we’re confused (I see he knows he’s full of shit). He goes on to give an even MORE convoluted example:

substitute two European ethnicities for White and Black. If a person claims to be Irish, and later we find out that they are half German, we do not accuse them of “passing” for Irish. The reason why is that Irish and German are considered equal, and we do not regard the person as an inferior product masquerading as the superior, genuine article. Negro blood is thought to degrade the superior traits of caucasian blood, meaning that only pure caucasians are genuinely European in their cultural, behavioral, physical, and mental qualities. People of mixed origin are not “good enough” for their White heritage, so society assigns them to the Black caste. This practice is morally and scientifically bankrupt.

This is a huge problem with people who are Amero-centric. Americans in general have little-to-no knowledge of European history, therefore ignorance (coupled with arrogance) makes it’s easy to transfer American racial and ethnic logic to another geographic/historical space. The author says that “If a person claims to be Irish, and later we find out that they are half German, we do not accuse them of “passing” for Irish”. In actuality it is not this simple. With the creation of the European Union, on the surface Europeans have a solid identity. In REALITY there are very solid ethnic hierarchies still in place, particularly between Eastern and Western Europeans. Polish immigrants in Ireland and the UK are often the targets of discrimination and ethnic isolation. So this hypothetical German may have gotten off easy, but the Poles in Ireland and the UK will tell you a different story.  Second and third generation Irish people in the UK often find themselves negotiating their ethnic identities the same way biracial people do. They are not readily accepted as British through and through. My beloved James McAvoy’s wife (Ann Marie Duff) discusses this. Has this mulatto ever left the America????

Historically  (the author mentions the ODR was law until the 1980s-30 years ago BTW) the White majority saw a NEED for distinct racial lines, especially between White and Black caste. Currently, while this need still exists, they go about expressing it very differently. If you look White and do not challenge Whiteness (there is a difference between being White and Whiteness), you CAN be White with known Black ancestry. You can be “qualified White”, like Jews, like White Latinos-but White nonetheless.

The post continues with a series of purposely narrow definitions and false assumptions:

Consider the concept of “Whiteness”. White” means a person of European heritage, or a person of Caucasian race or appearance. “Heritage” refers to the biological and cultural traits which we acquire from our parents and community. The “One Drop” logic reduces European heritage to a racial origin that mixed people, especially those with an intermediate appearance, are unable to “genuinely” appropriate. But heritage is irreducible to a racial origin, as race does not determine culture (i.e., our learned patterns of thought and behavior).

Here is where the author become purposefully unclear. The One Drop rule consolidates mixed racial heritage to one racial heritage (Black). However, the One Drop Rule could NEVER consolidate ethnic heritage  into one heritage. Thats like trying to force a fish to be a dog. The only systematic government attempt at this was imposed on the indigenous children removed from their homes and placed in boarding schools to eliminate their culture/practices/language.  This is why the Black-labeled mulattos of Louisiana were still culturally French/African/America, yet the ones of Virginia were still culturally Spanish/African/Indigenous. The author would have you believed they were all placed in a concentration camp and brainwashed. These groups, though labeled Black, remained culturally distinct. The author goes on to say:

It is not only possible, but normative for people of mixed negro and caucasian ancestry, to have predominately European cultural and racial characteristics. This is true whether they look fully caucasian, nearly caucasian, or intermediate.

I am intrigued by this “revelation” and would like to explore it further. To say that a person of mixed ancestry will have predominant Euro racial characteristics is already contradictory (and hypocritical) to the point of his blog, and also unfounded by research. How does a mixed race American determine they are *more* culturally European? The author breaks it down here. Brace yourselves for this ignorance:

… an illustration of how mixing between a White and a Black, produces a White child. Recall that “heritage” refers to the racial and cultural characteristics which we acquire from our parents and community. Racial traits consist of both ancestral lineage and appearance, so I have shown this in the diagram. The diagram also reflects that Blacks are approximately 18% European in their racial origin, and that Blacks who intermarry with Whites have slightly more European blood. The Black parent is drawn with a European cultural heritage, because “Black” culture is actually a variant of poor southern White culture. It’s worth noting, however, that Black culture is actually irrelevant, as most biracials grow up in mainstream White environments with few contacts with Blacks. At any rate, as you can see, the first generation mixed offspring are predominately European, or “White” in their total heritage. Subsequent mixing continues this trend, with rapid attenuation of the Black heritage. The negro heritage is “white-washed” in the matter of a single generation.

The number of ignorant and borderline racist assumptions floored me. I will move forward with the recognition of the arbitrary nature of “racial percentage” mining. Any geneticist worth their salt will acknowledge inherent flaws in the practice. But, if one were to believe in the idea of being “26% X, Y, or Z”, the authors points are still stupid. A few flaws:

1. The author assumes that within an interracial couple, only the Black person will have  a degree mixed heritage. We’re finding out every day that this is untrue, particularly with White Americans who have a long history of mixing with indigenous populations, and more recently Asian groups who are more likely to have children racialized as Whites. So, while only about 30% of Whites have Black ancestors (“they’re about 2% Black), a surprising number of Whites Americans still aren’t fully White in ancestry, and this varies by region. Even among Whites directly from Europe, those of Spanish, Italian, Iberian heritage are likely to have ” sub-saharan” ancestry as well. European does not necessarily mean “fully White”.

2. Takings a classic White supremacist approach to American history, the author implies that ONLY European heritage permeates American society, and that “”Black” culture is actually a variant of poor southern White culture”. Am I crazy for finding this terribly tragic? The value placed on European heritage by desperate mulattos is not new to me, but I’m surprised by this level of ignorance. Rather than seeing historical southern culture as a BLEND of African, Indigenous and European cultures, the author reveals the value placed on European-ness (code for whiteness). And like many Americans who go to Europe and return befuddled by just how disconnected they are from what is actually European, the author is in for a very rude awakening. American culture is not European. It is American. And that is a BLEND of the practices of many different people. Sad that you have to explain that to a mulatto…

3. The author states that most biracials “mainstream White environments with few contacts with Blacks”. Perhaps the ones that spend their time whining on youtube do, but research has shown that most identified biracials (many biracials that live in Black neighborhoods are identified solely as Black) actually grow up in urban centers (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.) in DIVERSE neighborhoods. Surely most interracial couples are interested in finding communities that are likely to be open to their relationship or at least not bothered enough to make their lives isolated hells. That means they aren’t moving to Hicktown, West Virginia if they don’t have to.

3. The author’s wet dream is manifested a chart that shows that “The negro heritage is “white-washed” in the matter of a single generation.” The author makes no real consideration for the individual’s contemporary environment, chosen cultural affiliations, relationship with peers of different races-you know all that shit that counts as heritage too. You DO inherit a social environment-even if it’s different from what your parents had. Something being a part of your heritage does NOT mean you get exactly what your ancestors had/have. The mediating factors of time and space make it clear that a French girl in 1940 and a French girl in 2010 will not be the same woman. Evolution, dear mulattos. Social Evolution.

More confusion expressed here:

Not all “White” people are members of a White ethnic group. For instance, many Native Americans, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Brazilians, Dominicans, French Creoles, and Mexicans, are of predominately European heritage (i.e. White). Nevertheless, they are members of racially diverse ethnic groups that are not simply European in extraction.(see below)

Race, culture and ethnicity are always confusing-they’re often used interchangeably. For example, most of the identities listed above are actually NATIONALITIES, not ethnic identities. So we know that someone can be a Mexican of full Spanish decent and therefore be White in appearance. Due to blood quantum laws (like the ODR-gasp), some Native Americans are entirely White in appearance. For most of the nationalities listed above, no matter what they called themselves in their home countries, when they come to America-there are no guarantees.

What makes the post even funnier (or sadder), is that this blog doesn’t advocate for the “rightful heritage” of all biracials. The author is only concerned for those who “look fully caucasian, nearly caucasian, or intermediate”.

Sorry Bob Marley.

In taking this position, he/she actually implicitly accepts/advocates for arbitrary racial labeling-he just wants to be on the right White side. To put it simply, the EXCLUSION of biracials who “look fully caucasian, nearly caucasian, or intermediate” from the White identity can actually be justified using this very same argument. And it appears that the author may know this:

It should be noted, that to be a member of a community requires both your permission and the acceptance of that group of people. When I refer to Anglo White Americans, or “Mixed Whites” in this sense, I mean those that claim a White or European identity. I do not mean that they are accepted as members of the White community.

I must say despite the stupidity in that post, this is one of the first I’ve read that didn’t have an entire essay dedicated to whining about how Black people put them in this tragic position. Not yet anyway…



  1. Great Breakdown. Personally Im all for mixed race people claimed whatever they want. I have plenty of mixed race friends and its doesnt bother one bit if they want to shout about their whiteness while swinging from a tree. More power to them, I will be in the background cheering them on. But the desperation some mixed race people have about being fully white is quite sad. I found it tragic(no put intended) when Vanguard insists his site was advocacy for “white looking” and visibly mixed people. When I read that it was obvious to me that his purpose wasnt freedom of racial association for all mixed race people but for the ones that look mixed. I know biracials that are dark skinned and look “black”, apparently they dont count.

    And I concur, it doesnt seem Vanguard is up to date about the white “ethnic hierarchy”. Turks are technically white(Caucasian) so are other Middle Easterners but thats not saving them from being pigeonholed and othered by white Europeans. Ask any Turk living in Germany. Serbians and other Eastern Europeans are looked down upon in the West. This still happens in the US. When white birthrates/population decreased what was considered “white” expanded but the hierarchy stayed in place. Not all whites are treated equal. WASP= good/true white Ethnic White= inferior/other.

    All can say to Vanguard is good luck in whatever it is he is trying to accomplish.

    I will be checking in.

    Comment by Y — June 20, 2010 @ 4:03 pm | Reply

  2. Eloquently stated Y.

    As I anticipated, his next post falls right into the “it’s black people’s fault” trap (with a quote from Sarah Jane herself-AD Powell). Tje amount of reliance on pseudoscience and self-victimizing is really unbelievable. I would be blogging all year if I addressed everything. There is an obsession with the concept of “inferior Black blood”-not challenging the idea that any blood is inferior, but proving that they don’t have “that much” of it. It’s fascinating, really.

    Like you said @ When I read that it was obvious to me that his purpose wasnt freedom of racial association for all mixed race people but for the ones that look mixed. I know biracials that are dark skinned and look “black”, apparently they dont count.

    Apparently only mulattos who are able to physically express the right genes matter. SMH.

    Comment by tragicmulattos — June 21, 2010 @ 4:01 am | Reply

  3. There is an obsession with the concept of “inferior Black blood”-not challenging the idea that any blood is inferior, but proving that they don’t have “that much” of it. It’s fascinating, really.

    Exactly. I noticed how Vanguard danced around that point. Instead of saying the idea that “black blood” is inferior/pollutes with blood is a racist ideology he basically says the child of black-American/white admixture is technically more European anyways, therefore they shouldnt be counted as black. That Euro blood balances out that bad “negro” blood anyways! This person isnt interested in challenging the TRUE basis of the one-drop rule(black blood is inferior/pollutes) but wants to merely provide a exemption from the rule for people that look mixed/more white than black.

    What amazes me about the extremist wing of the multiracial movement is the constant blaming of blacks for the use of the one-drop rule in the modern era. I wish blacks had enough power to force people to identify as something they dont want to. To my knowledge all of the popular biracial/multiracials that claim just “black” one-dropped themselves! They didnt need blacks to browbeat them into doing so. Halle Berry has made it clear on several occasion that she identifies more with her black-side, lives in a country that sees her as black, and sees her self as a black woman. She thought it was better to just claim black. And that was HER choice, blacks didn’t make that decision for her.

    Adriana Lima is mostly white with some African(as well as Amerindian/Indigenous) blood but the world sees her as a white Brazilian woman with a “little spice”, or a “mixed” white. I certainly see her as such. These guys really need to quit with this false notion that blacks are running around angry and bitter because some people with black ancestry chose to identify as white. Please!

    Comment by Y — June 21, 2010 @ 5:26 am | Reply

  4. The white parent of biracials also one-drop them and this is the source of Vanguard’s (aka – Mulattokid, Imback = Zachary Shelton…a Calif native). Zack has stated elsewhere that he, in fact, feels inferior to whites and that he grew up the deprived illegitimate son of a jewish woman. When daddy came around he’d feel somewhat better about himself but he’s enguled in this raging anger for the most part because he cannot pass for white.

    We keep Zack under the microscope because we are expecting him to commit acts similar to a fellow biracial by the name of Leo Felton (a hero of theirs). Please do your research on this mad man who tried staging the bombing of a holocaust museum to place the blame on Blacks.

    The Black Supremacist

    Comment by Odile — June 21, 2010 @ 4:58 pm | Reply

  5. Some of you might want to check out Vanguard (aka TheMulattoKid = Zachary Shelton) on this thread. He’s been deleted here but members make references in their responses. His biggest problem is his own mother didn’t consider him white because he obviously couldn’t quite pull it off. Here’s an excerpt of one of his comments on the “My mother considers me Black thread”. Boy did that woman create a living breathing monster!

    (i had this experience growing up and it is a source of contention between my mother and i to this day. between my father and i too, but my mother and i speak about it more often, plus i feel that it was her responsibility to instill her sense of whiteness in me and not to just hand me over so to speak.

    recently she told me that she thought it best for my brother and i to identify as black because identifying as mixed would be offensive to black people. like they would think that we thought we were better than them and running away from them and the negro experience. this made me very upset with her because i was like, “so your decision was based on how every one but me would feel? every one in the world was more important to you than me when making this decision?” it was not a good moment for us because i was very very hurt in ways that it would take to long to type about and she was very very angry because she felt like i was calling her a bad mother and attacking her.)

    Comment by Odile — June 21, 2010 @ 9:05 pm | Reply

    • @ Odile
      Wow, I’m going to have to post that entire conversation. Did you read the part where he was trying to convince the girl she was White? Goodness! Interestingly, some of what he wrote there contradicts some stuff on his new blog. It’s definitely him-someone referenced “themulattokid” on the newer bored and he said he doesn’t use it anymore.

      Alas, I must get back to my “real world” job =(

      Comment by tragicmulattos — June 23, 2010 @ 2:22 am | Reply

  6. @Tragicmulattos…”When I read that it was obvious to me that his purpose wasnt freedom of racial association for all mixed race people but for the ones that look mixed.”

    Yes, it’s the luck of the draw with these people and they are loathe to admit members if their phenotype is not “tight”. This is why I suspect certain darker members from their “mothership” site (headed by a white looking Puerto Rican) felt unwanted and drifted away. I’ve also read comments by some biracials describing the skepticism they’ve received for being too dark. Zack has even advocated setting a minimum standard based on appearance alone. This is why many biracials are extremely warm and receptive to latinos, Arabs, Indians etc. because “outer” appearance is basically all that matters to them.

    Comment by Odile — June 22, 2010 @ 3:24 pm | Reply

  7. This poor groveling “reject” (TheMulattoKid) is obsessed with Tragicmulattos, and has dedicated another thread on onedroprule. I’m going to try and locate and deliver an invitation to the person who shut him down and had him kicked out of school in California for making cyber threats.

    odocoileus is Tragicmulattoes?

    Are you Tragicmulattoes odocoileus? You have the same exact rhetoric, and seem not to oppose non-black identity for people of mixed ancestry.

    Comment by Odile — June 24, 2010 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  8. It appears A.D. Powell has weighed in on Zack’s new blog. This is her standard rhetoric about Blacks wanting their superior genes. These folks do not get it…no one wants them in the fold but it’s about time they are flagged as the disgusting racists that they are and have always been.

    Anonymous said…
    It’s best not to give publicity to black-identified scum like the author of the “tragicmulattoes” web site. He does not recognize the existence of mixed-whites because he desperately believes that his “race” needs the supposedly superior genes of his hated but adored “white” enemy “race” to “improve” their stock. If he truly believed in the equality of the “race” he claims to champion, he would not be so desperate to force whites and other NONBLACKS into his “race.”

    June 20, 2010 10:05 PM

    Comment by Odile — June 24, 2010 @ 5:15 pm | Reply

    • Hello Odile,

      I’m not worried about AD or Zack. Zack is clearly a bit of a liar as well-his IP address is listed as Union City, CA-so I believe the things you are saying about him are likely to be true. This site was not created to “war” with them. That’s like attempting to muscle the Klan into believing in racial equality-it’s pointless. AD Powell’s ties to an violent White supremacist should be enough for any person with a brain to know that something is truly wrong with her (and her minions).

      What I am trying to do here is expose a line of reasoning that is hypocritical, and often anti-Black, and I want other people to see it too. I don’t need their support to do that, and they aren’t making it difficult.

      I will post soon, and we will be in touch. Thanks for pulling up all of that info.

      Comment by tragicmulattos — June 24, 2010 @ 5:34 pm | Reply

  9. I just read some of his lunacy, he counts Walter White the head of the NAACP. Who wrote a pamphlet on why he didn’t pass. Antole Brouyard who deserted his own child to pass as white? Vin Disel who is loudly embraced his Dominican heritage? This man is sick and I hope he doesn’t resort to violence like his fellow anti-black mixed race nut job Leo Felton.

    Comment by eshowoman — June 25, 2010 @ 7:39 pm | Reply

  10. I just read some of his lunacy, he counts Walter White the head of the NAACP. Who wrote a pamphlet on why he didn’t pass. Antole Brouyard who deserted his own child to pass as white? Vin Disel who is loudly embraced his Dominican heritage? Trying to paint people like Victoria Rowell who was adopted white, just shows the depth of his pathology. This man is sick and I hope he doesn’t resort to violence like his fellow anti-black mixed race nut job Leo Felton.

    Comment by eshowoman — June 25, 2010 @ 7:56 pm | Reply

  11. Zachary Shelton has created even another blog and the rabid foaming at the mouth is pure Leo Felton. Check out the link just below. Also, if any readers went to Sacramento High School around 1991-95 please see if you can ferret out more information about this extremely disturbed loose cannon before he gets too far out of pocket so local authorities can be alerted. I would love to see the look on his black father’s face upon learning what “his” freak of nature has evolved into during his absence. Perhaps he knew to keep his distance from this unstable child in order to protect his side of the family.

    “And you have the nerve to spit in our face, and get in the way between us and “pure” Whites, after all we have done for you?”

    Comment by Odile — July 8, 2010 @ 5:09 pm | Reply

  12. This man sounds like a certifiable lunatic who went off his meds! Hilarious and sad at the same time.

    Comment by Herneith — July 24, 2010 @ 7:10 pm | Reply

  13. whoa, I wonder where zack has been so this what he has been up to, I gotta read up on this A.D (blacks are responsible for our lack of white acceptance as well Global Warming) Powel, just so you know I am very well familiar with Mr Shelton who was forced to log on to a African site the BNVillage to be exact, under his real name and quell the heat he goes by many names Fazizt (youtube), Imback, Sev, Rectoric, MadUniversity, Anticommua, Liquid (google this name and ‘’)
    Mr Shelton and Co, must try to understand that black people do not sit at home plotting to steal mulatto’s genes and Michelle Obama has not be sent by the dark skin people to steal Obama genetic he courted her remember
    Being proud of being mixed has nothing to do with hating black people mix-race and black ar of course different pro mulatto does not equal anti black we cannot just blame them because the half japanese-half white kid get love and we don’t.
    I would like everyone to keep hard copy records as well of electronic records of this guy as when he does what Cho did at Virginia Tech and Leo Felton we can hand them into the authorities. his old website

    listen fazizt real name is Zachery Shelton aka ‘themulattokid’ he hates people who have a black phenotype and dark skin he attended University of California Santa Cruz and studied business Management born Oct 1986 he has a tattoo on his forearms saying ‘mulatto pride’
    He is 24 years old and lives in Orange City

    Comment by lovenot hate — December 1, 2010 @ 4:38 pm | Reply

  14. I would like to inform people of a strange, deluded person named themulattokid (just google this name)/Zack/ MadUniversity/DevilChild who uses the cover of ‘mulatto pride’ to project hate towards black and those who share similar colouring and phenotype, he has even made a video about which he posted on youtube titled ‘Mulatto Pride’ the creator being MadUniversity = themulattokid he features in the video and raps and sings throughout his is the male with the mulatto pride tattoo, he is not proud to be a mulatto and want to be white, he has even upset quite a mulatto/mixed people, been banned and his moderator status taken away form him why he was ever a moderator is beyond me this individual who aspires to be a Director and Comedian is seriously deturbed however highly intelligent as most sociopath are if he does not seek help he no doubt will be in prison for a hate crime, any of you that attend the University of California Santa Cruz please appeal to him to change his ways. This Chap is very reminiscent of the now incarcerated Leo Felton check wikipedia for more information, with all the hate he has been spewing and the amount of times he give to Youtube and the boards I seriously doubt he has many friends or a social life. He frequents many race orientated forums and injects his racisms. Mainly forum under the name themulattokid and DevilChild Positive Resource Message Board and Debate and Free Speech Message Board
    To his credit I agree he has the right to exercise his civil right of self idenication however not when you insult a whole group of people, his so far insulted white, black and mixed people for his identity problems.
    Most of you will ignore this post and think it not your problem , but guys do not ignore this no one wants another ’Cho Virgina Tech’ situation, don’t tell yourself some one else some one else will deal with him, lets do a shilpa and expose this ‘black hitler’.

    Personal Information

    Real name: Zackery Shelton
    Ethnity: Multi- Racial self identifies as white.
    White Jewish mother Black Father with Cherokee and East Indian ancestry
    Age: 21 born in October , Oct 2008 he will be 22
    Gender; male
    Sexuality: homosexual
    Status : Student University of California Santa Cruz studying Business Management

    Fluent in Spanish and is highly intelligent

    University Of California
    Santa Cruz
    1156 High Street
    Santa Cruz CA 95064

    (831) 459-4008

    Comment by tellthetruth — December 2, 2010 @ 4:55 pm | Reply

  15. This is terrific! I was visiting BNVillage during the time they posted the goods on Zackery Shelton. Apparently he threatened a Black woman on the site and an investigation ensued. Believe he was also kicked out of his community college for using library computers to spew his vile anti-Black rhetoric. He’s known far and wide for his deep-seated hatred of Blacks and the racist site Amren has even taken a liking to him. Bet he’s in contact with his brother-in-arms…Leo Felton. His dad hails from the Caribbean and rightly abandoned this demon seed during infancy. However, he once mentioned that he usually feels better about himself when dear ol’ dad pops in shows him a bit of attention from time to time. I have a sneaky suspicion his dad finally understood what a tragic mistake he made spawning and unleashing this birth defect. Hope he doesn’t one day decide to hurt his long suffering mom for birthing him rather than choosing the alternative.

    Comment by Odile — January 11, 2012 @ 11:53 pm | Reply

  16. I found this particular posting , “New Blog! Mixed White Advocate Tragicmulattoes’s Blog”, rather pleasurable and also the post ended up being a fantastic read. Regards-Augusta

    Comment by — January 29, 2013 @ 7:17 am | Reply

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    Comment by free seks cam — April 24, 2013 @ 6:20 am | Reply

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