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April 21, 2010

“If I Applied For a Loan”…

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I just found an interesting article from the associated press. Yes, the census/race topic is definitely a “dead horse”, but every once in a while a new article has under-explored elements worth looking at. I found some aspects of this article pleasing, but like most articles on multiracialism, a few significant things were left out. Some highlights I found interesting:

It seems as though the Black-identified biracials in the article recognize the social reality of race:

“Being black in this country is a political construct,” she said. “Even though my father is white and I have half his genes, when I apply for a loan, when I walk into the car lot, when I apply for a job, they don’t see me as half white, they see me as black. If you have any identifying characteristics, you’re black.”

Of course, this will not be the reality for all multiracials, but it shifts the discussion away from this “denial of truth” rhetoric and towards a “recognition of personal truth” rhetoric. If you see the photo above, it’s pretty clear her *racialized* experience will be one more closely aligned with a person of color. The article also throws a wrench in the discussion and highlights a Black-identified White man:

Tony Spearman, author of “Why Am I Black,” was born to two white parents. He grew up in a mostly black town, worked at a historically black college, taught physics to predominantly black students.

On every census since 1996, Spearman has marked one box: black.


I would love to know more about this character. I suppose every system of thought has it’s abusers.

I would have liked to hear from White-identified individuals with Black heritage. Contrary to media filtering, they DO exist, and they are much more common than we would like to believe. I think the focus on those who are Black-identified serves to fuel population decline hysteria among some Whites. That’s why I appreciate the article acknowledging that the White construction of biracials as non-black is also a “twist in the one-drop rule”. Often articles frame the racial views of Whites towards biracials as progressive, when in actuality it’s not that clear-cut no matter how you look at it. Some of the anti-Obama Whites actually see his racial classification as proof of an affront to Whites, while simultaneously supporting conditions and ideologies that perpetuate the need for racial constructs to begin with. Basically he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

In my first post I discussed the roots of the modern multiracial movement as a White female effort. This is why I say this movement is fundamentally White in ideology, and embeded in a lot of the “feel-good” rhetoric, is old notions of race, racism, and racial heirarchy. Be vigilent about that, because it usually sounds like it makes sense. One individual interviewed for the article is actually the son of the founder of one of the largest multiracial organizations. And yes, his mother is a White woman. Here’s his philosphy on race:

“Say you’re wearing a black-and-white shirt. Somebody asks, ‘What color is your shirt?’ It’s black and white. There you go. People ask me, ‘What race are you?’ I say I’m black and white. It’s that simple,” said Graham, a 25-year-old sales consultant from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Let me know if ya’ll catch anything!


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  1. You could read the book or even my old blog ( on the topic or research who I am if you would like to understand why I classify myself as black. Hadn’t heard from you. In short in 1996 the Office of Budget and Management convened the National Science Academy to define race. Phenotype is no longer a definition to race by Federal Government Standards. Your Origins define your race. Humans from Africa are black by Federal Definition. I have done the genome study and can show that Science currently agrees my ancestors came from Africa 60,000 years ago. Hence by Federal Standard I am required to claim black. The point here is racial classification does not define humanness nor separate humanity on the most basic of levels. Feel free to read the whole book and you can understand what I see is absurd… racial classification!

    Comment by Tony — February 9, 2011 @ 1:47 am | Reply

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